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Developed and manufactured for use predominantly on G-Storm thermal cyclers, but may also be used on other available thermal cyclers, G-Storm plastics have a number of key features that provide the user with the highest quality products: Cleanroom produced; Made from polypropylene; Visual quality inspection; Thin-walled design; Physical quality testing; Moulded from virgin polypropylene; Biological quality assays; Raised rim design.

All G-Storm plastic consumables are produced in a state-of-the-art, class K (100,000) cleanroom injection moulding facility. A sophisticated system of high-tech filters removes particles, including bacterial cells, from the atmosphere. This ensures that G-Storm plastics are free from contaminants, including endotoxins, which may affect experimental results.

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G-Storm helps in Motor Neurone Disease research. The Queen to open new research centre.

G-Storm & Kapa Biosystems
Offering you the ideal solution for
high-performance Fast PCR.

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coloured box G-Storm – purpose built for the demands of cutting edge molecular biology,
G-Storm is the new benchmark for thermal cycler excellence. Superb thermal performance characteristics are perfectly balanced with ease of operation ensuring that routine daily use never becomes a chore.

Design and feel of G-Storm is paramount, resulting in a cycler that will deliver the results you demand from units that will look great in your laboratory. The colour touchscreen is the heart of G-Storm’s control. The user interface is simplicity itself, making programming, file management and cycler control a breeze.

coloured box In developing the G-Storm range, we have listened to customers, worked with scientists and developed with engineers, a range of thermal cyclers and consumables that will not only exceed your expectations for excellence and performance, but will give back the pleasure of research work by using a system that looks great and delivers quality data time after time.